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Do you have any schooling? 



So how do we book?

I had graduated from college and finished my volleyball career. I didn't know what to do... but I knew I wanted to own my own business. And after a fair amount of time working through what I wanted my life to look like, I realized that I always circled back to photography. I kept picking the idea up and looking at it, but it took me a long time to decide that I could make it a reality. 

Couples who are deeply in love and are planning a wedding that reflects who they are as people, but are also incredibly aware of the importance of the commitment. The magnitude of that moment. 

I used to be really hung up on the details. The ring shots and the florals and the decor. I still love taking those images and delivering them. But I've learned that the photos that clients come back to are the ones that show real emotion. The real moments, where you're interacting with each other and your guests... those make for the photos that you'll laugh at years later, that you'll look upon adoringly, and that you'll cling to during hard times. 

The details are important. The family photos are important. But the real, raw emotion... that is king in my books. 

Yes, I graduated from Langara's Professional Photography program, which is quite intense. My goal was to get the best technical training I could before I dove into photographing the most important day of my clients lives. I wanted to have a strong technical background in order to handle anything that a wedding could throw at me. 

You bet. And I generally use the same second shooter for every wedding. A second photographer equals two sets of eyes, two sets of gear, and the ability to be in two places at once. #magic

Well first, it's all about the connection. We have to connect on a personal level and an artistic level aka we connect as people, and you really want and love good photos. If we check both of those boxes then we'll make magic. Once I hear a 'Hell yes!' I send along a contract, and the signing of that contract along with a 30% non refundable retainer seals the date. I book on a first come first serve basis which requires the completion of both the signed contract and retainer. 

I work very hard to balance a hands on approach with stepping back and allowing moments to happen organically. Every single wedding is different. The energy levels, family dynamics, and relationships each week are completely different from the last. Which means that some weddings need a bit more direction, and some need a little less. The goal is to read each moment as it comes and capture it as naturally as possible. 

I'll give you direction in moments where it's appropriate. Sometimes that means adjusting your positioning or moving distracting items out of the background. But I also know how to recognize moments that are completely your own. And those moments are where the real magic happens. When you allow yourselves to be vulnerable in front of my lens, or when family members express crazy real emotions and we're there to capture them. 

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