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Krystal and Jeremy: Rolley Lake Engagement Photos

Honestly these engagement sessions keep getting better and better. (A) My couples blow my mind, they’re so fun, adventurous, silly and trusting.  (B) The locations are absurdly beautiful, I can’t get enough of it! (C) This fall/winter weather has been incredible and offered up UNREAL light.

I met Krystal and Jeremy at the entrance of Rolley Lake for their engagement photos, and with Finn in tow (yes, Finn came… it was a scheduling error) we walked the short trip down the dirt road to the edge of the lake. The Rolley Lake was SO still, it was so calming to look out over the water and watch the light breeze ripple through the trees.

Our timing was perfection, the sun was in the right spot (GUYS GOLDEN HOUR IS WHERE IT’S AT), and the light was streaming through the trees beautifully. As we moved through the engagement session it only got better and better. The sky went orange and then pink, and mist started rising up off the lake exactly like we’d hoped it would.

So we’ve got this perfect setting, and perfect location… and THE PERFECT COUPLE FOR IT. Krystal and Jeremy were so rad to work with, they trusted my instruction and seriously RAN with everything I suggested. They spun, tackled, tickled, and made out. And you know what happens when I couple buys in 100% like that? SOLID. GOLD. ENGAGEMENT. PHOTOS.

Check out their session below, you’ll totally understand why I am STOKED for this wedding.

PS… Finn behaved for the entire shoot. He was an angel… until we packed up and started walking out, at which point he took off after a bunny and decided to disappear for 5-10 minutes while it got darker and darker. PUPPIES. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

I’m a huge advocate for getting outdoors and exploring what BC has to offer. Want to check out Rolley Lake? Learn more HERE.

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