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Jessica and Colton: Fort Langley Couples Portraits

Jessica and Colton are one of the rad couples that contacted me when I did a casting call a month or so back and I’m so glad that they did because these Fort Langley couples portraits are EXACTLY. WHAT. I. WANTED.

So why am I doing a casting call? Well, there are a fewreasons.

  • THE STYLING AND WARDROBE: I’m starting to put together an engagement and portrait session styling guide. (WHOOP WHOOP!) Yes I’m here to be a photographer, but I’m also here to be a resource for my couples because most of my clients have never had their photo taken in a professional capacity. And I know it can seem trivial, but a client’s wardrobe for a shoot plays a massive part in the overall story and final look of the shoot. Wardrobe is just as important as hair and makeup, lighting, and location but if there’s an element of  a shoot that a client is going to overlook or not put enough thought into… it’s wardrobe. When the Styling Guide is done it will be a helpful little gift that my clients receive prior to their session that will help them prepare by showing example images, colour schemes, textures, and sharing helpful tips and tricks. I’m. So. Excited. To. Get. It. Done.

/// Check out Jessica and Colton’s wardrobe: The colour selection is rad and works really well with the location and colours already existing in that environment. Colton’s outfit is very simple but SUPER strong… and the unique details are in the wool lining of his jacket and the book he’s wearing. The blue of his jacket really ties in well with the barn in the background, but doesn’t compete with Jessica’s outfit. Jessica’s outfit is flirty and feminine but also super strong. Her jacket and chunky boot ground the whole outfit and keep it in a space where it makes sense in the environment (aka she can walk around without snapping an ankle). Her beautiful skirt is her unique detail and ties in incredibly well with the sandy ground. The colour of it compliments rather than competes with Colton’s outfit. Note that both are wearing black and white which ties them together, but then both have their own color element added in that connects them to their environment. They just nailed this all around.///

*** Wardrobe is just as important as hair and makeup, lighting, and location…***

  • THE LIGHT AND LOCATION: I really want to help out my clients by showing them that lighting should be in the forefront of our minds when choosing locations. Solid lighting (at least in my world) should always come first because it doesn’t just enhance the location… it MAKES the location. You cannot choose your location without assessing the light first, but if you have good light you can make any location look amazing.
    • Not assessing the light when choosing a location is like putting the cart before the horse. It’s like buying 20 gallons of paint before you’ve tested out the colour, or going to a salon without reading reviews and seeing their work. It’s crazy talk! The reality is that your location options should be dictated by the type of light that occurs at the time of your session. Especially if you’re working with a photographer who utilizes natural light. ***Have a location that you really love? Ask your photographer ‘What would the best time of day be to work in this location?” You will never, ever regret asking that question.

***Lighting doesn’t just enhance a location… it MAKES the location.***

  • POSING AND PLAYFULLNESS: I really love showcasing an intense connection and bold playfulness in my images, and that doesn’t just happen magically. The reality is that most of my couples are not models and they can get SUPER uncomfortable if they have to stand still and smile while a camera is pointed at their face. I get it completely, because I get super uncomfortable when I’m having my photo taken and I’m just standing there. It’s not fun, and not necessary. So I work really hard to walk my clients through different sequences, and I give non stop instruction and feedback. We’re always moving, laughing, playing, and just generally acting ridiculous. And it’s important that I keep growing and developing this, because honestly instructing clients during a session is an art form. Casting calls are a rad way for me to keep working and brain storming how I guide and interact with my clients, and to try out new poses and sequences. My casting call couples are amazing and patient people, and I’m so grateful that they’re down to test my ideas out.

***We’re always moving, laughing, playing, and just generally acting ridiculous.***

So go check it out, cause these two are ridiculously good looking and I could NOT be happier with their Fort Langley couples portraits.

To Jess and Colton: Thanks for modelling for me and putting up with my crazy brain. For twerking while giving a piggy back ride, for trying out shoulder rides while wearing a skirt, and for spinning so many times that you probably felt a little nauseous. It was truly appreciated and I’m so happy to have met you. XO.

PS before I forget, Jessica is also a photographer and you can check out her gorgeous work HERE. Give her some love!

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  1. Jackie

    June 11th, 2018 at 8:57 pm

    These photos are fabulous!! love the light, style and their happiness and personality shines!

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